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Step One

Information Gathering

Gathering all the necessary data is the first step in starting a web development project. In a sense, this establishes the framework for the remaining steps. To effectively accomplish this, we first decide what the development's objectives are. Following the creation of a set of realistic objectives, we can do a business study to learn more about the goods, rivals, and overall industry for which our client are targeting.

Step Two

Making a plan

Planning involves taking all of the information gathered in the first step and putting it into the cycle that the entire process will follow. This means separating the information into separate sections for design, content and programming. Once this is sorted, we will be able to start creating an individual plan for each of the relevant teams to proceed.

Step Three

Implement & Develop

Executing each of these three processes separately boosts the project's delivery time and may require teams to wait for the delivery of resources from other teams before moving further. Our capacity to properly complete planning in the second phase determines our ability to complete these three processes in the same process.

Step Four


Generally, when developing web projects, there are multiple testing rounds conducted by our development team in the staging environment before access is given to the our client. These rounds are designed to catch all major bugs that are present in the application before it is tested by the client. From our experience, we find that the more relaxed way of testing is a great way to find usability bugs that are not found when intense testing is done.

Step Five

Launch the website

The role of the web development team does not end upon the launch of the website. Our responsibility will carry on until the project owner gives confirmation that everything is working fine. We will need to continually manage and update the project to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. We can also monitor the performance of the project for the client and start making suggestions based on site usage.

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